This year and next I am undertaking a research degree at the Victorian College of the Arts, a faculty of the University of Melbourne. I was recently successful in completing a progress review of my research which means that my candidature is now confirmed and I can continue making art and conducting self-directed research with the University's support. My supervisor throughout the Master of Fine Arts degree is artist, Mark Shorter.

The research project I proposed for my MFA forms part of the my ongoing critique of Captain Cook and his three Pacific voyages, a project I began in Hawai‘i in 2012. The practice-led research conducted during the Masters programme will explore the application of decolonising methodologies to artistic practice and the possibilities that emerge as a result. It is my hope that this conceptual framework will provide a means to reinterpret historical events and signifiers of colonisation. The theoretical and practice-led research will result in a photographic outcome and written thesis with major concerns of the project being First Nation sovereignty, colonisation, decolonisation, whiteness and the myth of Terra Nullius.

Finalist in the Perth Centre for Photography CLIP Award 2014

I am honoured to be a finalist in the Perth Centre for Photography CLIP Award for landscape photography. The selected image forms part of my ongoing research project into the voyages of Captain James Cook. 
The exhibition will run from July 18th until August 18th. Winners will be announced at the opening in Perth on Friday 18th July.  

"The CLIP Award is an internationally recognised photographic prize for new perspectives in natural and urban landscape photography. The selection criteria focuses on images which are original, stimulating, and that challenge traditional notions of landscape photography."

Captain Cook landing site, Lucy Wright Beach Park, Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i 2012